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Tradition, taste and San Sebastián quality

Cold pintxos

Anchovies in vinaigrette

Courgette parcel filled with creamy spider crab

Chatka (Russian crab)

Cod loin with a creamy seafood puree

Bonito-stuffed pepper with a tartare sauce

Warm pintxos

Fried cod

Bluefin tuna prepared with onion and a marmitako puree

Cod kokotxa

Battered prawns

Button mushrooms

To share

Loin with peppers and homemade chips

fried chilli peppers

Baby squid in ink


Galician-style octopus

stuffed peppers


Acorn Jam


Mixed York sandwich

Mixed Iberian sandwich

Calamari sandwich

Bar MartínezLegendary gastronomy with quality and flavour

Legendary gastronomy with quality and flavour

Located on 31 de agosto, one of the most popular streets for pintxos in San Sebastián’s Old Town, this is a traditional bar with a history spanning more than 70 years. It was inaugurated on May 13, 1942, by Manuel Martínez and Juliana Gil, who were pioneers in the creation of many of

Full history of Bar Martínez

Wine cellarAll pintxos deserve a good wine

Rosé wines

Gran Feudo (Navarre)

Crianza R.D


Crianza red wines


Selected red wines

Jean Leon (Vino ecológico del Penedés)
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