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Tradition, taste and San Sebastián quality

Grilled mushrooms, prawns and bacon brochette

Grilled mushrooms, prawns and bacon brochette

Bluefin tuna prepared with onion and a marmitako puree

Almadraba-caught bluefin tuna served with a marmitako puree and a sprinkling of onion. One of Bar Martínez's more recent creations that you won’t be able to resist.

Fried cod

Desalted cod fried in olive oil just before serving. Served with scallion and sautéed green pepper. Tasty morsels for cod connoisseurs.

Button mushrooms

One of the first skewered appetisers that Bar Martínez, as a pintxo bar, began to serve in the 1940s. Extraordinary pintxo of button mushrooms prepared with a garlic and chilli sauce. Served on bread. A classic that doesn't fade over time.

Battered prawns

Crunchy battered prawns. The prawns are covered with flour and egg and fried in oil just before serving. Carefully battered to retain the superb flavour of the prawn.

Cod kokotxa

This is one of the bar’s innovations. Select cod kokotxa (the flesh under the fish’s jaw) covered with flour and egg and fried in olive oil. Seemingly simple to prepare, but you’ll be surprised when you taste it.

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